Anonymous whispered, "In the Red Dragon film, when Francis Dolarhyde was presumed dead, what is it that Reba stuck her hand in if it wasn't his corpse?"

that was Ralph Mandy’s body, the other man who tried to date her.

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posted 1 month ago
Anonymous whispered, "Why (in the movie) did Mason Verger think that Lecter would be afraid of him?"

because verger is a scary guy/because he’s coming back for revenge and he thinks that should scare hannibal. mostly because verger underestimates hannibal.

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posted 4 months ago
missyamagawa whispered, "This isn't really a question about the movie or series, I'm just curious about your opinion: What do you think of the Hannibal tv series? Love it? Hate it?"

The two of us actually have had very similar thoughts on it really throughout the whole process. When it was first announced we were very skeptical, but as more info came out we got more excited about seeing it. For the first few episodes we were still pretty engaged despite the fact that it diverges from the canon in pretty serious ways. As the series went on, however, it became harder and harder for either of us to stay invested. At this point, neither of us feels that it does the canon justice at all. The characterization of Will and Hannibal and especially the way their relationship is treated in the show is not at all true to Harris’s work.

Personally, I think the show is very interesting and intelligent and I would love to appreciate it as a work separate from the canon, but I think right now I’m too frustrated with the liberties it’s taken to be able to enjoy it at all.

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posted 9 months ago
Anonymous whispered, "Exactly how rich was Mason Verger?"

like rich as balls. the guy owns acres and acres of land and has several mercenaries in his employ and is also paying off multiple politicians and administrators in the FBI. we don’t get a specific number for his net worth or anything but it’s safe to say that he’s really, really rich.

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posted 10 months ago
Anonymous whispered, "How did Hannibal know that Clarice despised Paul?"

Well, Paul was kind of a douchehole who made little effort to conceal the fact that he was ruining Clarice’s career largely because she refused to sleep with him, so given that Hannibal usually keeps an eye on her it’s not a stretch to imagine that he would know about it.

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posted 11 months ago
Anonymous whispered, "How did Lecter get inside Paul's house without a key and what did he steal from there?"

He most likely picked the lock. As far as I know he didn’t steal anything, he simply found the address for Krendler’s lake house.

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posted 11 months ago
Anonymous whispered, "Am I correct in assuming he used the same pen to get inside Paul Krendler's house that he used to escape form Memphis?"

Hm. That would be interesting, wouldn’t it. But given that Hannibal is set seven years after Silence of the Lambs, I doubt it.

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posted 11 months ago
Anonymous whispered, "Did Lecter kill all the people in the ambulance truck?"

Yes. He killed both the attendant and the driver and then drive the ambulance himself.

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posted 11 months ago
Anonymous whispered, "If Verger was so rich why could he not afford corrective surgery on his face?"

I feel like, at that point, there would only be so much that doctors could do. His face was pretty well gone. 

There’s also the idea that he might have wanted Hannibal to see his face before he died. 

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posted 11 months ago
Anonymous whispered, "Was Hannibal gay or was he ever married?"

To my knowledge Hannibal is heterosexual. At the end of the book Hannibal he and Clarice are in a sexual/romantic relationship.

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posted 12 months ago

Typhoid and swans, my dear.

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